• The Sparta School district believes that the Sparta school system produces students who will exemplify mastery in mathematical practices. It is the responsibility of administrators, teachers, students, and parents to create learning opportunities to persevere in modeling mathematics precisely and strategically with reasoning, tools, and algebraic structure. Through this collaboration, students will develop into independent, competent, mathematical thinkers who are college and career ready.

    Sparta’s Mathematics Program Beliefs:

    • Technology can enhance the learning process and prepare students to be 21st century learners.
    • Student-centered learning activities will enable students to develop ownership for their education.
    • A coherent K-12 curriculum will allow for authentic real-world learning opportunities.
    • Our assessments will require students to demonstrate in-depth understanding rather than recalling simple facts and algorithms.
    • Students will be confident in participating in higher level discussions that will assess and advance the understanding of concepts.
    • The use of various resources, tools, and technology will engage students to solve mathematically rich, real-world problems that meet the needs of a diverse population of learners.
    • Collaborative and hands-on learning activities will promote creative and critical thinking skills for all students.

Supervisor of Mathematics Grades PreK-12

  • Ms. Arbolino began her career in education in 2006. Since then she has had the opportunity to work both inside and outside of the classroom, developing math programs and professional development opportunities for colleagues. Ms. Arbolino is committed to being involved in all facets of curriculum development, standardized testing, and auditing our wide variety of programs and events. Ms. Arbolino received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Elementary Education with a Mathematics Specialization in grades 5-8 from Kutztown University. In addition, she received a Master's Degree from Centenary College in Instructional Leadership.


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