Change of Schedule Procedures

  • The need for a program change is recognized only under special circumstances. Scheduling problems, course conflicts, and clear changes in future plans should be given the highest priority. Counselors often find that some students wish to change their schedules for the wrong reasons - their friends are not in their class, the teacher is too demanding, they want a study hall in the morning/afternoon, etc. Students, faculty and parents are urged to think through the real reason behind the request for change, for numerous changes have an adverse effect on the school's overall academic program as well as the student's.

Categories of Changes

  • Type 1 changes significantly affect the student's schedule and are of primary importance.  Adjustments should be made before the beginning of the current school year.  Examples of Type 1 changes are:     

    • Period or course conflicts
    • Course not being offered
    • Computer entry error (ex. student has wrong course on schedule)
    • Previous failure or documented difficutly with a teacher       

    Type 2 changes usually reflect a major student program change such as:  

    • Summer school involvement
    • Students going into or out of a shared-time program
    • Change in program emphasis such as student going from college prep to technical
    • Student participating in Challenger Program at CCM or Early College Advantage Program at SCCC

    These types of changes will be considered up until the first day of school in September.

    Type 3 changes are departmental changes such as moving to a different level (ex., H English 10 to CP English 10, Academic Biology to CP Biology/Lab, etc.). Type 3 changes are usually initiated by the classroom teacher or Department Liaison. Changes should only take place after consultation with all concerned parties (student, parent, counselor, teacher and Department Liaison)

    All other schedule changes are discouraged. All requests for a change in schedule of any type must be requested in writing and signed by a parent/guardian. The policy of Sparta High School IS NOT to make preference-based or lateral course changes. The Director of Guidance will review all parent requests and render a decision.              

Adding a Course

  • A student may request to enter a course provided he/she has parent/guardian approval and the course has an available seat. With the exception of level changes, students may enter any new half-year or full-year course between the 6th and 10th day of school.   The student will be responsible for making up all missed work in the new course.

Withdraw from a Course

  • Withdrawing from a course is a serious matter and is usually discouraged. Only after much thought and consultation should a change take place. The request to drop a course must be in writing from the parent/guardian. Students requesting to drop a course from their schedule must request an appointment with their counselor. The counselor will review the request and consult with all relevant parties involved before rendering a decision.

    Students may be permitted to withdraw from a class before the eleventh day without penalty provided that they will still be carrying a minimum of 32.5 credits. Students who withdraw on the eleventh day or thereafter will receive a "WF" (Withdraw Fail). This grade will be entered for the marking period in which the withdrawal occurs and the final grade for the course.  Students who drop a course will be placed into a study hall unless it falls within the add/drop window.  A student wishing to appeal the "WF" must do so in writing to the principal within ten school days of the withdrawal. 

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