MAS Science

  • The Sparta Township Public Schools Science Department is committed to equipping the students of Sparta with scientific habits of mind and scientific skill sets. Our sincere goal is for every student of Sparta to leave our halls with an increased level of scientific literacy which will enable them to evaluate competing claims in a rapidly changing society. We aspire to have science make sense to every student, and for each of them to think critically and skeptically about the world they live in. Beyond this central goal, our general intent is to prepare our students for college, technical coursework, career, and life-long interest and curiosity for the sciences.

    Science is a field of human endeavor that seeks the truth about how the natural world functions via what is commonly called “the scientific method.”  Although there is not one single scientific method, the heart of science centers on deductive reasoning and making claims based upon evidence. To reflect these central scientific values, the question that guides our Science Department is: “How do I/we know what is really true?”  As we plan curricula, lessons, and activities, our focus is on presenting relevant material, placing emphasis on students analyzing data and solving problems, and ensuring effective communication among all parties.

    Sparta’s Science, Technology and Engineering Program Beliefs:

    • Make sense of the world with the lens of science
    • Demonstrate curiosity about the natural world
    • Analyze argumentative claims based on available evidence
    • Practice a balance of open-mindedness and skepticism as they navigate their world
    • Make progress in attaining scientific literacy
    • Apply scientific concepts to solve problems in sensible and creative ways
    • Design solutions to real world problems using the integration of science, technology, engineering and mathematics
    • Use data in making decisions and drawing conclusions
    • See the relevance of science to their lives
    • Be proud, life-long Spartans of Science!

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