2021-2022 Sparta Township Public Schools Online Pre-Registration

  • Sparta Township Public Schools is pleased to welcome you to our online pre-registration process. We understand that this is a monumental time in a child’s life and we eagerly welcome our future PreK to Grade 12 students to Sparta Township Public Schools.

    If your child will be age 5 on or before October 1, we ask that you complete the required registration steps below.  Prior to completing the online registration, you will be asked to create a login for the registration system. Please keep your login information in a safe place. You will need to access the system during your individual appointments.  The completed registration forms and the state-required documentation must be uploaded at the time of your registration appointment.  The individual appointments will consist of:

    • A phone call with the Building Registrar
    • *If required, a phone call with the School Nurse

    Registration for the Alpine Elementary School PreK 3-year-old or PreK 4-year-old program for General Education Students is now closed effective May 4, 2021. 

    The following outlines the three-step pre-registration process. Please read each step thoroughly. Please complete each step below as they are all required. Thank you.

    • STEP 1:  Download and complete the following forms.  You will be uploading these completed documents during the online pre-registration process.   
    • STEP 2:  Provide state-required documentation that you will be uploading during the online pre-registration process.  
      • Proof of Residency (Must present at least one item from the below list.)
        • Deed
        • Tax Bill
        • Utility Bill (within the last 3 months)
        • Closing Documentation
        • Lease Agreement with Proof of Payment
        • Notarized Statement if Residing with Sparta Resident
        • Must be from the homeowner verifying that the registrant is domiciled in dwelling, along with the homeowner's proof of residency
      • Original Birth Certificate with the Raised Seal
      • Parent/Guardian Photo ID
      • Immunization Records or a Letter of Exemption
      • Transfer Card/Release
      • Transcript/Report Card (Grade 9 to Grade 12 registrations only)
      • If applicable, provide the following during the online registration process:
        • Passport/Immigration Documentation
        • Custody Papers
        • Individual Education Plan (IEP)
        • Service Plan (504) 
        • Intervention & Referral Services Plan (I&RS/RTI) 
        • Gifted Individual Education Plan (Gifted IEP) 

    • STEP 3:  Enter your child's registration information online using our Online Pre-Registration System.  *IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are registering a student who has previously attended a Sparta Township Public School and/or is currently attending a Sparta Township Public School Pre-School Program, please contact the appropriate school registrar for the school for which you are registering a student.  Listed below is the contact information for the school registrars.
      • Please make sure to print the pre-registration confirmation page before logging out of the Online Pre-Registration System.  Please keep your login information in a safe place.
      • *Note: If you experience any technical difficulties logging into or using the Online Pre-Registration System, please click on the name of the appropriate building registrar below to contact them via email for assistance.
      • School Registrars: